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Supply Chain

RLD Construction is committed to operating a local procurement strategy and wherever possible we use local suppliers, subcontractors and builders merchants, whether that is local to our main offices or to North and Mid-Wales where we generally operate.  The benefits include reduced costs and overheads, achieving a lower carbon footprint and to bring as much benefit to the local community as possible. We are a local, efficient and sustainable company with a robust and local Supply Chain and as such offer local advantage to all our projects.  We believe that the local Supply Chain is sustainable, financially competitive, offers better value and are more motivated to deliver quality as they themselves directly benefit from the construction projects we are engaged to deliver.

Our ability to deliver any project within time, quality and cost expectations depends largely on the performance and quality of the Supply Chain and RLD have an approved Supply Chain Register, a database of reliable suppliers with whom we have formed strong links and who have successfully achieved quality control and health and safety procedures, with full commitment to RLD.

Selection of the Supply Chain on the basis of overall ability to perform (and contribute to the community) is therefore crucial to successful project delivery.  This tried and tested process ensures RLD are able to guarantee the highest quality and provide the greatest efficiency.  We also hold successful ‘Meet the Buyer’ events in some areas before commencing on new contracts to provide an opportunity for new suppliers to become part of our supply chain.  It is our company policy that the competence, in terms of H&S, of all subcontractors (and other appointees) is assessed in accordance with the CDM Regulations 2007.    

We have demonstrated on our projects that local Supply Chain skills are capable of delivering the highest of quality.