Modern Methods with Traditional Values

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Our Values

The highest ethical standards have always been part of RLD Construction and we remain true to our founding values of integrity, honesty, accountability, honour and commitment. Strong sustainable relationships are core to our business and we believe that together everyone achieves more, We care about our workforce, the people at RLD are our primary asset and driving force, we believe in mutual trust and loyalty and this is demonstrated in our very low staff turnover with many of our workers having been with us for a number of years. We aim to provide opportunity and encouragement and the necessary knowledge, training and support required to help our people to reach their full potential.  We care about our clients and are committed to providing excellent customer service by listening to and understanding our clients’ needs. We want to deliver excellence and efficiency and to provide a  service and product that continually exceeds our clients’ expectations and are also committed to providing the necessary resources required to ensure the highest standards and continuous improvement.  We always operate with fairness, transparency and consistency.